Is There an Easier Way to Track Your Budget?

easyread-300x226Think back to the days before debit cards and computers. It was probably a lot easier to keep a close eye on your finances. They were the days when every time you wrote a check and took money out of your account, there was a record of the transaction. Either you would write it out or you would have check duplicates. Now, it is not so easy to keep track of what your bank account is doing. It is too easy to go to town and swipe your card. Some people keep the receipts, but not all and let’s face it, no one will remember what they spent at each place they visit. Add in the internet’s online purchasing options and it does not take long until you are over budget and perhaps overdrawn.

It Is So Easy to Spend Big

Now days, swiping a card is best for most people. Checks are slow and outdated. Some banks do not even deal with putting checks on an account. On computers, you simply type in a card number one time and then visit that website all you want to for future purchases. There is also the option to auto pay out for things, you can purchase with a smart phone, and it is all easy access to cash flow whether you have enough to afford it or not.

If you have two people swiping a card on the same bank account, the situation becomes even more delicate. The wife or the husband may forget to mention that they ordered something that cost them $100 and you may order something equally expensive. It is just a button click or a swipe away and wah-la, you have spent $200. What happens if you did not have that much? Both of you may have considered what was available, but no one would know that the other had spent that much already. Now, you are in the hole and sweating.

Would it have happened this way, if you had a better way to keep track of everything? Perhaps, but it would be less likely if you were equipped with an easier way of keeping track.

Is There an Easier Way to Track Your Budget?

There are a lot of new apps on the market that can help you keep a closer watch on your finances. If you are looking for a truly simple one and you have an income that is consistent from one month to the next, you may consider Level Money. It is available as an iPhone app or Androids. It does all the work for you and automatically subtracts the bills you have to pay each month. It allots an amount for savings as well. From there, it will tell you how much you have left and how much you can spend per week. The great thing is, you put in all credit, debit, and bank accounts you have. When you or your partner spend, it will adjust without you ever having to think about it again. If you venture to the store for a new dress and overspend, it will adjust the rest of your month’s spending limit to accommodate.YNAB

Envelopes is another app that works the same way. However, you do have to decide how much you spend per week or month on food, bills, and other important items. Each time you spend money for groceries, the amount is subtracted so that you know what you can spend on it the next time. All categories are separate envelopes. If you overspend in one area, you must pull out of the other envelopes to make it or do without. Perhaps pull it out of the “fun” envelope.

What Is Your Limit?

If these do not sound like apps you want to use, look around. There are plenty more options available because everyone knows that Budgeting is not an easy task. It is very hard to keep track of everything. Having tools that can show you where you spend and where you save could be the best thing that you have at your fingertips since the invention of a debit card. Use it wisely and take advantage of an easier way to track your budget.